Monday, December 30, 2013



less than a 48 hours, 2013 will be history. And welcome the bright 2014. Well, thats what I always feel about new things. reflecting the year, I am not sure if I have done anything different than the year before. oh yes I did. I graduated my studies, got myself a place to work, hand over some money to the parents for the past few months. trying to be as mature as I can be throughout the day (but sometimes I stumble down and not giving a flying shit I acted like kids again. lol)

Other than that, things are quite the same. there were happy times as much as sad one. each one of it happens for a reason. eventhough I still could not see some of the reasons now. I have faith in Allah swt. HE knows whats best for each of us. Insha-Allah.

2014 means I will be 25. and the hardest questions to answer would be "DO YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND?" well, I don't. if everybody stop asking it would definitely be nice. ( IF YOU STILL GOING TO ASK WHAT ABOUT YOU GO AND TRY TO GET ME SOME BOYFRIEND!) amboi marah. haha

I will have one when the time comes. (I guess)

instead of worrying about getting a boyfriend, settle down and getting married. I am more worried about death. I am being serious. *insert awkward laugh here*

So anyway have a happy happy happy new year 2014 everyone. not sure if anyone really reads this blog other than myself. lol. Let us all be happy. and sad.and mad.let us all be human.

May this new year brings us closer to ALLAH swt. Lets take a second and count all the blessings bestowed upon us. Syukur Ya Allah. Alhamdulillah.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Nurul Izzah


No, this is not a scene from 'Ombak Rindu'. this is a post specially dedicated to one of my favorite people in the world, Nurul Izzah Aziz

She is a beautiful girl with chubby cheeks (she is super skinny but her cheeks are not. lulz)
I don't remember why we get so closed to each other but I do remember that she is a kakak that I love so much. She never talks bad about others. She sings her lungs out when I took her out on my bike. (lagu bila cinta aina ingat lagi kak ijah!haha)
we always go karaoke together and when she got mad she will talk as fast as she could in Terengganu dialects which is so hilarious.
I remember this one time when I fell sick, she came to my room with chicken soup. I will never ever forget that. never.

I miss you kak izzah. eventhough we did not talk to each other as much as we did back then, I never forget you. and I really really miss you.

I wish you a very happy happy birthday! May Allah bless you with all the kindness in the world. May your pure soul stays that way until the end of time. Thank you for accepting me as your friend.  I love you kak Izzah!

Happy Birthday! lots of love,

Aaina Hasan

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I miss...


I am trying to have my words nicely written for the article but my head just refused to do so and guess what. instead of functioning properly, they decided to give me a headache! -__-

so I thought okay maybe we rest a little bit. lets go look at beautiful ladies. (tengok lelaki berdosa ). and there I am surfing the net watching those girls wearing loose skirts, loose blouse perfectly matched with shawls. God knows how much I want to dress-up like that too.

bit it wont be convenient for me as I rode my bike to work everyday. karang masuk tayar je baju tu padan muka aku sendiri.

InshaAllah I will as soon as I have my own car.

and yeah, I miss being a kid. i miss acting like one. and I really really miss my fellow friends (but did not take any actions to call/text/ go out with them)

how strange the 'miss' is. (NO, NOT I AM NOT EVEN CLOSE TO STRANGE.)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

its not a big deal. really.


I bought my brother a birthday gift today. because it is his birthday. my younger sister thought that I should just wait for my next pay to buy him the birthday gift. at first I thought so too. I waited for him to show something that someone might have bought him for his birthday. but none. I went to the shop and buy him something. not really expensive but it is going to cost me some cut-off lunch or dinner or credit top-up for the whole week.

my point here is, its not about how expensive the gift should be. its the effort. I think it would be sad if we dont receive any gifts on birthday. It is once in a year occasion. not that we can be sure that we would make it to our next birthday. right?

And he kept thanking me over and over and over again. saying 'I didn't even bought you anything for your birthday'.

the look on his face was priceless. The joy that he showed me when I hand over that box to him lighten my day. I have made him happy on his day. just like people make me happy on mine.

Happy 29th birthday one and only brother.

( I think Kak An got her point today. She said I am getting matured after my 24th birthday. And do you know that I am the only person she lets to read her blog? terharu kan! Love you lah momma bear!)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

dua puluh empat


sorry if I annoy you guys. But I just want to remember this day. (Incase I forgot how lucky I am) Alhamdulillah. twenty four. Syukur ya Allah.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013



this is basically what kak Farra's photobooth looks like. Idk why my photography skills got so rusty. damn.
but I decorate the photobooth. I took all the pre-wed photos displayed there and I did the guestbook, the frame and the names and the red love notes too. wah, so full of herself huh this girl (please excuse me, I am talking to myself)

sigh. God knows how busy I am these past few days. And I am in the stage of stress that I can easily shoot people in the head if I have a gun.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

wedding ding ding dong


last 23rd of Nov was Kak Farra's wedding. I attend it of course. She is like my sister why wouldn't I come right. Its not like she threatened to hit me with a rocks or whatnot. No. Did you get the message? hahahah
but I am really grateful I made it to the wedding. because that week is a very very very busy week sampai nak beli hadiah wedding dia pun takda masa. isk

I've been meaning to write about the wedding but I am busy catching up with the dateline. and dateline dah habisss yayersssss

aannnddd I wanted to share some of the pictures taken there but it is in my laptop and I am here in ze office. I did help her with the photobooth!  I was really afraid what would be the final product because I haven't done this before and Alhamdulillah it turned out nicely. (except for the part the vase pecah berderai because of the wind -.-)

I didn't get the chance to really chat with her that day because yalah you know how busy bride and groom is. so here's one for you Kak Farra

I am wishing you all the happiness in the world. and if you are sad, may that sadness makes you stronger. I know he would take a good care of you because if he didn't', I'll smack his face with bricks. tons of bricks. hahahah. Semoga dikurniakan zuriat yang ramai dan sihat bambam semuanya. hadiah kahwin bagi baju baby aci dakk? ekekeke
 yours truly,
                                                                                                                                                                                Aina Mickey 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

remember november


Hellooooo world. last 17th Nov was Babah's birthday. He was in Beijing so we could not really celebrate it (macamlah pernah celebrate -.-) . anyhoww, he got back home safely, Alhamdulillah. I bought him new wallet for his birthday. And in return, I got jade bracelet, black pearl pendant, vans shoes, handbag, kipling bagpack, pink bagpack, two shirts, 8 shawls, cute panda bear hat and silk for my baju kurung. so much in return huh? hihi

Babah bought the panda bear hat because he said over there a lot of girls wear it (of courselah because its winter noww,duhh) but he still bought that because he thinks we're going to look very cute in it. HAHAH jkjk!

And I am soooo in love with the jade bracelet. and the blackpearl pendant. love love!

Monday, November 11, 2013

thank you Marilyn Monroe


This life is what you make it. No matter what, you're going to mess up sometimes, it's a universal truth. But the good part is you get to decide how you're going to mess it up. Girls will be your friends - they'll act like it anyway. But just remember, some come, some go. The ones that stay with you through everything - they're your true best friends. Don't let go of them. Also remember, sisters make the best friends in the world. As for lovers, well, they'll come and go too. And baby, I hate to say it, most of them - actually pretty much all of them are going to break your heart, but you can't give up because if you give up, you'll never find your soulmate. You'll never find that half who makes you whole and that goes for everything. Just because you fail once, doesn't mean you're gonna fail at everything. Keep trying, hold on, and always, always, always believe in yourself, because if you don't, then who will, sweetie? So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling, because life's a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about.”

-Marilyn Monroe 

at ease. Alhamdulillah.

Sunday, November 10, 2013



Ginny!" said Mr. Weasley, flabbergasted. "Haven't I taught you anything? What have I always told you? Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can't see where it keeps its brain?
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Not a Happy Sunday! 

Friday, November 8, 2013

mama bear


pernah kita jumpa dalam alam nyata. pernah. oh ya pernah. di kafe. aku tegur kau cuma. Hai Kak.. dan kau senyum kembali.

Kata orang doa yang paling elok adalah doa kita untuk orang lain dalam diam. tanpa si dia tahu kau mendoakan.
dan aku percaya kuasa doa.

aku gembira lihat kau sudah jumpa dunia kau
sudah bahagia di samping yang sayang kau
dan yang kau sayang sudah mula bercambah dalam badan kau

rasanya bukan aku seorang mendoakan bahagia kau.

semoga kau bertambah sihat. bertambah cantik, bertambah ilmu. bertambah kasih
bertambah sayang.

semoga segala kebaikan yang ada atas dunia ditulis jalannya untuk kau.

semoga nyawa yang satu lagi itu sihat dan selamat tiba di pelukan kau.

semoga segala yang berlaku punya pengajaran buat kau. 

segala semoga yang baik atas dunia ini aku tujukan buat kau.

Selamat Hari Lahir Kak Ansari.

yang benar,

Adik yang hanya bertegur di alam maya.
semoga kau bahagia selamanya.

Thursday, November 7, 2013



kosong aku lebih kosong daripada segala kosong dalam dunia.

kali ini biar aku sendiri yang jadi isinya.

wow.  so emotional. I wonder what happened when I wrote those draft. 

look back at your tears and laugh. or look back your laughter and cry.
life bro. life.

Sunday, November 3, 2013



this post is dedicated to the miss animal lover. She blogged about me which almost brought me to tears. (almost. I promise. almost!)

She insisted on meeting me the day after my convocation. because we didn't got the chance to meet each other on that day. It was raining like crazy and she have a  group discussion to attend.

We went out that night the moment after she finished her large animal surgery test. eh yeke. anggap betul jelah.
ze doctor-to-be

one kind word can change someone's entire day. one whole pharagraph and a photo is a whole lot more. Thank you.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Of Journey

3 years passes so fast. I am finally and officially graduated. The end of one journey is definitely a beginning of another. thank you for all the memories whether good or bad, happy or sad. It made me who I am today. 

3 years and this is the first time ever I stepped my foot at the 'Bukit Iklan'

 them boys who took me here. thanks korang kalau tak taktau bilamasanya nak jejak sini.

I will always miss this place. the memories. and the people in it. 
(walhal UPM tu 5 minit je daripada opis. korang diam. biar aku nak konon-konon emo. hahahah)

Friday, October 18, 2013



Caught red-handed by abang Naze just now while I am about to start writing. because of the title. Aaaabang Naze you why you why you like that. -.-
and I spent about 5mins explaining why I put that kind of tajuk #facepalm. 

Yes you are right abang Naze. (incase you read this)

but I have sorted that things out. Allah swt sebaik-baik perancang. there must be a solid reason for whatever things that happened to me. Insha-Allah.

But I am glad I got some people that I can trust here. Thank you Allah for this.

its nice to have someone to turn to when you're feeling down.
Kak Nita, Kak Nonie and abang Naze. Thank you. really :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


save my soul tonight.

never take anybody for granted. because we never know. maybe that second would be the last chance for us to see them happy. maybe we would be the last sad thing that ever happen to them. maybe when we realize what's really worth  for us. they'll be gone. maybe they would never come back even if we cried our eyes out. maybe HE'll take them from us. sooner.or later. or now. . or maybe we would be the one who'll never come back..and if I could trade all of the thing I have right now. I would., for you

I never thought I'd be this sad when your gone. I have always been the strong one. I never said 'Im sorry' even when what I did was wrong. And you'll be the one who say those words all along.

You're pretty when you smile. that piece of cloth on top of your head. I always hated it before. But I like it now. You're pretty inside-out.

You cried. I never felt guilty before. why do I feel it now. You look pale. I have never seen you this sad before. not even when I hit you. not even when your lips were bleeding.


why do you still love me when what I ever did was hurting you. why? why am I so blind to see al of this.

I wanted to hold you back. please don't lose faith on me.

I never thought I would be this lost without you. But you are far from my reach.

If I could trade all of the thing I have now. I would, for you. But I don't even own my soul anymore.

" Be safe. I know this might be

too late. but I love you" I whisper it to your ear, eventhough I know you would never hear me.

" I love you so much. Please come back. Please. Please. I'd do anything for you. Please." I heard you say. You cried again. You were holding my hand.

"time of death :10 44pm. I am very sorry for your loss Miss."

I guess this is good-bye.

picture from

tulis dah lama tapi entah kenapa tak ada hati nak publish. rekaan minda semata.

Friday, October 11, 2013

susah nyahh


its not easy for me to not curse. I curse a lot. I curse at people. things. animals. cars. rocks. everything. And I am not proud of that. that is the main reason why I decided not to curse anymore. ah tipu. Not to curse out loud anymore. haa ni betul sikit.

Old habits die hard. Yah. this is super hard. but I am restraining myself from using such word in public. And its not easy.

" Benda baik ni memang susah nak buat Na, Syaitan dengki" a friend of mine say this to me.

 Yap. true that.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


كُلُّ نَفْسٍ ذَائِقَةُ الْمَوْتِ

“Tiap-tiap yg mempunyai jiwa akan merasakan kematian.”
 surah al-A'raaf ayat 34.

Al-fatihah buat arwah Iris Amni binti Firhat Yasir

I may not know you well, but I will always remember you as a smart young girl. rest in peace little one. May Allah grant you paradise.  


Saturday, October 5, 2013



What would you feel if your love ones is laying down in the hospital bed fighting her life to survive. And there is nothing you could do to help her ease the pain. When you can only pray for the best.

one of my officemate's daughter is in the ICU right now. She is one of the brightest girl I have ever met. she talks a lot. she tells stories. She is a very outspoken little girl. and she is a cutie pie.

A friend said to me "sedihnya. rasa mcm anak sendiri yang sakit" Well, I don't have a daughter but I feel the pain too. Its not easy seeing someone you love to be sick. not.easy.

Kakak doakan Iris cepat sembuh. Doktor bukan Tuhan. Iris kuatkan semangat.

Whoever come across this entry. Please pray for Iris Amni. please.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Do you?


Do you know that feeling when you are upset and you want to write it down but you don't want anyone to know but you need to let it out and you just don't have any idea what you should do about it. Do you?

Well. I do.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

you see


Often I felt that I am a victim of everybody's cruelty. Often I've been let down alone to face my pain. Often I felt that I don't really have anyone to help me when I am going through hard times. Often, we as human feels that way.

but little that I knew, I had let someone down too
little that I understand, that I have somehow causing pain to another human being too
little that I am aware of, I have pushed away people when they're going through hard times.
little that us human, knows that we have hurt others too.

so you see, its a cycle.

Its Life.

Friday, September 13, 2013

throwback 3 #kasut


right now I am sitting in front of the TV and watching one drama entitled 'Kasut'

Story is about two children (a girl and a boy) who lived with their grandmother and they are very very poor. the kakak wanted new shoes for school. so she saved up every pennies to buy them. tapi tahujelah drama Melayu kan. mana sah kalau tak ada orang jahat. so many things came up she even fell into the river and lost all her money.  sounds so stupid but yeah so many tears in this movie it is so sickening.gahhhhhhhhhh

But I know how she felt. I've been in her shoes. come to think about it. I think I am so stupidly selfish. oh okay. tiba-tiba rasa tak boleh nak sambung sebab sesak nafas memikirkan diri ini yang tak berhenti menyusahkan. not so much for a throwback right? I don't care. bye!

Monday, September 2, 2013

#throwback 2- betul ke kebetulan?

I have been friend with cikkay (bukan nama sebenar) since our diploma times. one thing that I really like about us is we don't mind wearing the same piece of cloth or specs or bags or whatever it is. I don't mind. really.

and most of the times, people thought we have somehow promised to wear the same baju kurung/ colour to classes when we don't. banyak kali jugak lah kan TERpakai baju sama warna/baju yang memang beli sama-sama sampai orang kata

"eh, samalah baju aina dengan cikkay. janji ehhh"

when what actually happen was

*me gets down to her room and found her wearing the same colour as I do*

"woi apehall engkoo pakai warna ni apahallll"
"woi tiruu-tiruuuu"
"ihiks, samelah baju itew"
"waaaaaaaaaa, magicnyaaa pakai baju sama-samaa" *kelip2 mata*
"sehati dan seeejiwaaaaa" *nyanyi*
"engko sibuk kan, aku pakai baju ni engko pakai yang ni!"

(the reaction differs according to our moods at that particular time)

 lepastu gelak sama-sama/ insult satu sama lain sampai letih. leulz

I guess we have some sort of telepathy connection or something.

 O Allah,
let us be friends.forever. Amin


I know that sometimes I just forget how fortunate I am to be blessed by family and friends that stay. I know that I seldom tells them how important they are in my life. You see, I don't have many friends. It is still countable. so yeah beautiful people. thank you so much for sparing some space for me inside your life. yours truly, me. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

#throwback 1- babysisters


jangan cerita banyak bosan sangat jadi mari buat 1st punya throwback. For those who maybe first time encounters this blog, well hello, I am Aina and I am the second awesome child in the family. and I have two younger sisters age 17 and 18.

The age gap between me and those two brats is kinda far. 6 years with alang and 7 with Ya, so basically we are not on the same boat. diorang tecik lagi kakak dah nak period dah masa tu. tapi kan, tapi kan, sebab diorang lah kakak jadi kurang matang . serius. ada tak korang umur 14 main masak-masak lagi? ada? ada? nayyy I dont believe you, that age selalunya semua dah sibuk bercinta. but not for me. I am still a kid.

Being an older sister, my mom always buat kerahan tenaga enko-pegi-tengok-adik-main-main-kalau-tak-jangan-keluar. K. so very not fair but I am so glad I did watch them growing up. kalau tidak entah bangsa mana diorang ikut eja "kamooo, buad, penad, saiaaa" omg I cannot live with that.

And because I am with them most of the time, I got to be the superhero they need. I've tell you guys in my earlier post that when I was young, my family had some hard time with money. and ya, but here's a story anyway. (nama lagi throwback kan?)

there was this one time, (hari raya) well, you guys know how kids love 'bunga api' and so does both of my sisters. during that time, my dad could not even afford to buy us food and its obvious that we don't have money to spend to buy bunga api. I was watching over my sisters one night in our hometown. the Eid eve, and all of our little cousins are occupied with tons of bunga api. seeing my sisters have none, they dengan muka memang tak ikhlas weh aku kalau ingat-ingat benda ni berapii jeee they gave them some (maybe two or three only) and because they dont have much, both of my little girls hesitate each time they wanted to play theirs. sebab kalau habis nanti tengok je orang main.I was so helpless. I felt like crying. poor my baby.

the next year, I secretly keep some money whenever I got duit belanja for school (kadang-kadang takda duit, so tak ada duit belanja). and night before we are going back to the hometown. I bought a box of bunga api. for my babies.

 that night, I was smiling proudly as they ran around our grandma's house, playing cheerfully with their own bunga-api. that was the night I tell myself, I would do anything for my sisters.

and now, both of them are old enough to be my friends. one is studying in Matriculation college in Pahang. the other one is going to sit for SPM this year. bless them ya Rabb. bless them forever.

 forever my babies :)

pandang belakang.


Since I havent started working yet, I think I would love to write about things that happened before in my life. happy/sad/silly/ or whatever that cross my mind. yeah. so, it will be a series of #throwback (kite manada account instagram kan, so dalam blog pun jadilah.)  yahh tadi macam banyak je nak tulis sekarang dah lupa. hahahayhfdsjhuysjiafghjklartywui betul. baiklah. just wait for my #throwback entry(ies) salam maghrib.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

nose bleed


Nose is still bleeding today. and I must say that it is the worst blood I see coming from my nose so far. My head felt little bit dizzy. maybe because from the heat inside my body.

hati tak berapa tenang kebelakangan ni. mintak dipermudahkan jalan oleh-Nya.

Friday, August 16, 2013

puyu green tea with rainbow jelly


urgh. this is so annoying. Have you people ever come across a situation where when you are not on blogger, you have thousands and trillions of idea on what to tells ( Especially when I am pooping) and suddenly when you finally puts your hands on your keyboard and everything pufffffffff. gone. yes (My 1st world problem)

*inhales deep big breath* anyhow, sent Nadia back to UPM just now and I'm quite happy to have her as my guest in my home. and now Dekya is babling about her friends that are coming over tomorrow which I only responded with a "hmm hmmmm hmm" Hoi, can't u see Im busy typing here?

Went for a lunch with Cikkay just now and happy tummy is happy (orang belanja of course happy youuu)
but I tapau what I ate because Idk my tummy is so poyo that it won't take much food anymore which I think is a good thing because I am trying so hard to maintain and if possible cut even more kilo(s) that I have now.

Spent some quality time (well, 2 hours of lunch break on Friday obviously couldn't cover of too much stories that we both kept to gossips later) and If Tekwa was around it would be even much more fun. but he had something up with her gf so okay maybe next time.

And now I am waiting for the horror movie to buffer and thats the only reason I am on blogger now.

My blog is so dull makes me want to put some pictures but as usual I am so lazy. lantaklah bukan ada orang baca sangat. lulz. bye

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Eid yows!


Selamat Hari Raya yang ke-6. well, its not really late right. Alhamdullilah still be given a chance to celebrate this raya with my loved ones. Went back no Negeri Sembilan for Raya celebration. did not get so much 'duit raya' and I felt so guilty still receiving duit raya from aunties and cousins.( jobless person 1st world problem)
I only manage to celebrate the 1st and 2nd raya. fell sick on the third raya together with my youngest sister. jadi dikala orang lain pergi beraya, kami berdua tampal 'cool fever' di dahi dan membuta hingga ke petang hari. and now both of us sounded just like Ella. husky sexy voice aummm. k perasan lebih je tu. and bythewayowwww, my baju raya is black colour same as mama bear (Please note that this is somehow an attempt to be your daughter in-law if the baby is a boy. wkwkwkw) and yeah, Nadia Badrulhisham is staying over at my house for the next few days because she have interviews in Key Hell. can't wait to see her. I kinda miss Cik Kay and Cina. bila nak hang out ni?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

15th Ramadhan


Its been a while since I write something here. I just heard the sound of thunder outside my house and it makes me feel calm. anyhow, last Saturday, my sister and I accompany Babah to his workplace and on our way home we went to the Pasar Malam because Babah wanted to find something to munch. and I saw people selling tudung, clothes, shoes and stuff. which took me back to the time when I was a little kid. Suddenly I felt choked. I was holding back tears.

"Bah, ingat tak masa dulu bah? beli baju 10 ringgit dekat pasar malam. sebab takda duit?"

I can feel the warm tears in my eyes as babah nodded and just smile. Yes, we had a difficult time before. I still remember wearing other people's clothes for Hari raya because babah couldn't afford to buy us. and I remembered eating 'nasi goreng' for the whole month, because we dont have any money.I remembered working when I was in form 4, to pay the SPM fees. and I remembered seeing my dad holding back tears when I gave him some of my salary. I am not whining. I am grateful.

I am grateful that we've been through bad times together, I am grateful that being in such situation makes me more human. I know how those unfortunate people feels. as I have felt the same thing before. I am grateful that ALLAH swt have shower us with a lot of good fortune. I am really thankful to have this life. I really do.

May Allah swt bless us all during Ramadhan, and throughout the year, with His forgiveness, mercy, and brings us all closer to Him and to each other. Insha-Allah

salam Ramadhan Al-Kareem

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My dream job and why

Assalamualaikum, salam ramadhan yang pertama.

when I was a little girl, I always thought career as a singer is fun. you get to sing, and in tv shows, singer makes lots of money and I wanted that so bad. but as I grew up, that ambitions change. from doctor to lawyer to policewomen to teacher and finally a writer.

I like to be a reporter/journalist/writer because, i get to see people. I can't imagine working in a closed office from 9-6 everyday. crazy man.

gahh, i hate to talk about job because I am jobless right now.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

10 things im telling 16 year old me

hello 16 y.o Aina,

this year is going to be super hard for you. but as the oldest daughter, you should be strong. I know you will.

1- there would be friends that would back-stabbed you but nevermind them. they're not gonna make it to your future
2- Atie is going to be your friend until ur 24 and hopefully forever. and her dad would apparently like you too. later on. so just chill ok
3. when you got into college, you will find one of you real friend ever. be nice to her
4. you will lose weight. and you wont be overweight anymore. not that you care huh?
5. your baby girls are going to grow up just fine. don't worry about them
6. You'll have your bachelor degree when you 24. hey be proud okay
7. the world doesn't end on 2012. I am in 2013 now
8. things may change between you and your brother but remember, he is still your brother
9. be nice to you grandparents when they're still around. Opah will go to heaven pretty soon. so does Atok. love them endlessly though
10. you don't like cats do you? you will later on. trust me. you'll go crazy over them


24 y.o unemployed Aina.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

my relationship with my spouse


well, I don't have one yet. so emm, okay. need to study now

lololololls that was quick.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

3 legitimate fears and how they came about


1. Lightnings

Well. I don't really remember when I started to fear the lightnings. but lets just put it this way. If I were left alone and there were lightnings, my blood will turn into blue colour. lololols. like what happen 2 days ago, I was home alone (with my cat, but cat doesn't really count does it?). And there goes lightning everywhere. that was crazy man. really! -___-'

2. Getting Attached to someone/something.

Yes. because sadly in the end, when I have put 300% of my trust to them. they leave. or changed. or both. and it sucks because I have to act like I don't care when I actually fcuking do. So yeah.

3. Goodbyes.

I was never good with goodbyes. and I will never be. I'd rather just go away than saying those words.

wow. that was quick

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

20 random facts about Aina Mickey

I have done this before but I think few things have changed. leulz. So lets see how it goes

1. Middle-child. people says that middle child is a freak. naahh, I think I'm cool liddat. leulz
2. I care and worried A LOT about whatever you people told me. even if when u ended the sentence(s) with                              
    "tak ada apalah, nothing, just kidding, main-main je" and so on. Emo. K
3. I eat a lot. now that I can cook, I eat even more. leulz.
4. I drink a lot too. I mean plain water because I am not really into sweet drinks. (but somehow there are people who thinks I din drink enough water)
5. I don't really love pink but I tend to buy things in that colour.
6. I have a bike. a white Honda Ex5 which I ride everyday inside the campus. Ya you got that right, it is not exactly mine. It belongs to my dad.
7. I play the guitar. only to the song that I can sing and like. that is why I start learning how to play the guitar in the 1st place.
8. There are times when I don't feel like talking but still have to because everyone knows me as the chatterbox. it really annoys me.
9. If I hate you, I won't talk to you. Its that simple.
10. I like mickey mouse. but I don't buy so much of mickey's stuff anymore. no vivid reason for that but I still love mickey mouse.
11. I have three cats. Abu, Ojen and Kabu (because recently one of my cat, Egy died)
12. I remember so many things that sometimes I have to pretend I don't so that it won't freak people out.
13. Turning 24 this year and still if I went out with my baby girl, people would think they're much older than me. lololololsss
14. I cannot sleep if my bed is untidy.
15. I rarely got time to read. but once I did, it would be hard to make me stop.
16. recently, I fell in love with coffee (thanks to you, final year project!)
17. light sleeper, I can woke up to the sound of the bell on my bracelet
18. I love cakes! cheesecake, chocolate cake, pecan butterscotch, name it!
19. I hated my school life
20. I just took two pills for my flu and fever and now I am dead sleepy

phewww. 20 is hard.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Like a boss

yaa. Like I don't have anything else to do. gahhhh, btw I found this in my beruang kutub's blog and I want to do it as well. So I will! yeay!

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Susah sebenarnya bila nak cerita pasal Mama. macam-macam hal yang lalu-lalang dalam kepala. nak cerita yang mana satu pun tak tahu. Yalah, nama lagi tengah berbicara tentang insan yang istimewa.

Ada yang kata jangan sambut hari Ibu haram apabenda semua. Hari ibu setiap hari bukan Hari ini saja. Tapi, biarlah. Alhamdulillah lepas semalam call mama wish Happy mother's day pada dia. lidah ni masih boleh mengucap. masih boleh sembahyang. tak lupa apa pun. Tak apalah. satu ucapan yang boleh buat Mama gembira. kira dosa jugak ke macam mana?


1) Diet dekat rumah tak pernah berjaya. semua salah Mama. tengah2 malam waktu yang memang patutnya tak payah makan. Dia akan menjelma dekat pintu bilik "Na, mama ada masak megi/nasi goren/mee/ mihun ni, taknak rasa kee?" yang pesen anak pulak rasa tak reti sesudu. Sedap gila cerita dia kan. so yeah. (in denial diri sendiri gemuk nak salahkan orang) 

2) Risau bila tengok aku susut. Mungkin orang lain lihat aku saiz xxxxxl, mama nampak S je kuttt -.-'' So setiap kali nampak susut, dia gelabahs sikit. "Naa kurus sikit mama tengok kau tak makan keee?" omboi Ma, bukan anorexia anak mama ni, overweight ada -.-

3) Call setiap hari just to say hello. tapi kadang-kadang aku tak habis cerita lagi dia dah letak telefon -.-

4) kalau nak panggil anak-anak dia. mesti pusing nama keempat2 baru jumpa yang dia cari. contoh nak panggil alang.  " Am, Ena, Ya, Alang.." see yang last baru dapat nama yang dia betui2 nak panggil. 

5) Pandai masak. emm wait. SANGAT pandai masak okay! tak caya tanya Cuki, Amir, Dika, tah sesiapa lagi yang pernah makan rendang ayam mama. FTW okay!

6) cerah. pehal aku tak cerah ikut dia.pehall *terus rasa diri anak angkat*

duh. kehabisan idea bila tengok bilik serupa sarang beruang ni. anyhowww, Happy mothers day to all mothers, mothers-to-be out there. It takes a mum to knows a mum and I am yet to be one but I do love my mom! hah amek merapik panjang berjela.

Puan Darliar bt Ali, my beloved mommah. I love you. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Egy the baby

Petang tu hujan lebat. aku dengar ada bunyi suara-suara halus yang kesejukkan. dekat luar rumah. bila tengok, dia ada kat situ. menyorok bawah pasu bunga. sejuk mungkin. aku dan Ya ambil, bawak masuk. balut dengan baju, bagi makan. bagi minum.

tapi bila Babah balik, dia tentang. dia tak bagi simpan. dia suruh pergi buang. which I refused to follow. Mana boleh buang muka comel macam ni. dia nak makan apa nanti. dia nak tidur dekat mana? 

sebab anak-anak Pak Hasan yang memang hobinya keras kepala. Babah last-last terima juga dia sebagai ahli keluarga. 

kami panggil dia Egy. Egy the baby. masa kecil dia bulat. dan ekor kembang. lepastu jenis tak sedar diri. selamba pergi terkam nak belasah Abu yang konfem-konfem tiga kali ganda saiz dia. 

Egy manja. suka sondol-sondol nak tidur atas riba. kadang-kadang sampai rimas. tengok dia. kejap. Nak kesat air mata. 

masa Ojen mula-mula sampai rumah ni. Egy takut tengok Ojen. Yalah, Ojen kat bulu lebat. mungkin dia ingat Ojen spesis orang utan. Entahlah. Masa tu, Egy merajuk taknak dekat sesiapa. 

Tapi bila dah geng, Egy jadi mentor Ojen. Apa yang Egy buat, Ojen nak buat. Egy panjat tv, Ojen pun ikut panjat tv. bezanya, pergerakan Egy smooth. si Ojen pulak buat berterabur semua benda.

Egy baik. kucing baik. Egy kucing aku. selalu aku kata macam tu. 

Egy pergi sana cari Icam okay. kawan berdua. harap-harap satu hari nanti Tuhan temukan kita. Angah sayang Egy sampai bila-bila.

May 2012-May 2013
Rest In Peace buddy. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

nescafe latte

hello. Its been a while. right? I don't know where to start. Thank You Allah swt, for the peace that I found. for the friends that stays. Alhamdulillah. I am a little bit afraid. because things went too well, I'm scared that I would die if He takes back everything in a blink of eye. Less than a month to finish everything up, sit for final exam and then, I am gonna say goodbye to everything here in UPM. 3 years passes so fast.

Betty says that she is not feeling well there in Korea. well, I hope she would recover quickly. MAKAN UBAT! and yeah, tomorrow I'm going to have my Spanish Mid-Term test. Please let me and my friends do well in this test Ya Rabb.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


biasalah. kalau lelaki setakat gurau macam tu dia tak kesah punya. biasalah, bukannya apa-apa pun. biasalah benda tu semua. biasalah.

tapi masalahnya cuma satu. aku bukan lelaki.
jadi aku tak biasa.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


kadang-kadang. ada benda kau memang tak boleh ubah. tapi kena terima. terima. dan terima.

kalau tak mahu.

pergi lari




Tuesday, April 16, 2013

week 8

doktor akma senyap membisu je ni. apa progress fyp gua pun tak tahu. sakit kepala. mungkin sebab hari ni terik sangat cuacanya. berperang mata aku masa bawak motor tadi. tak terdaya nak bukak.

nak tengok runningman pun tak seronok bila sakit kepala macam ni. sudahlah.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

9 tahun (bukan umur engkau atie, jangan perasan.)

sembilan  tahun woi. moga ada sepuluh sebelas dua belas dan seterusnya.

12th April 2013.

Happy birthday Izzati Idris :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

handsome channing tatum is always handsome

Just another random thoughts that I have in my mind right now. I guess its just our habit as human. you dont usually appreciate things or even worse, person that have always been there for you. not a slightest you ever thought of whatever he/she have done for you. why? thousands of reason. you're too busy wanted to be noticed by someone who doesn't even care, you only think about yourself (oh well guess what, NOT everything in this world is about you!) and maybe you're just some ass who were born in the shape of a human. you choose.  you, will only realize how good that person was when he/she is gone. how ironic life is. 

watched GI joe with alang just now. I thought it was not bad. except for the fact that channing tatum dies too early in that movie. I kinda hope he would magically survived but he didn't. ya wutevurrr.

Monday, April 8, 2013

big brother is now officially married.

abang dan mama

semoga jadi manusia lepas kahwin ni bro. 
jaga anak
jaga bini baik-baik
berhenti menyusahkan semorang. natang.

aku yang tengah cuba ikhlas. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013