Saturday, October 5, 2013



What would you feel if your love ones is laying down in the hospital bed fighting her life to survive. And there is nothing you could do to help her ease the pain. When you can only pray for the best.

one of my officemate's daughter is in the ICU right now. She is one of the brightest girl I have ever met. she talks a lot. she tells stories. She is a very outspoken little girl. and she is a cutie pie.

A friend said to me "sedihnya. rasa mcm anak sendiri yang sakit" Well, I don't have a daughter but I feel the pain too. Its not easy seeing someone you love to be sick. not.easy.

Kakak doakan Iris cepat sembuh. Doktor bukan Tuhan. Iris kuatkan semangat.

Whoever come across this entry. Please pray for Iris Amni. please.

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