Monday, June 30, 2014



I am forcing my head to think of one plot of short stories. preferably Malay. I want to write a sequel of 'jantung hati'. but yeah, brain do whats brain wants to do. jenuh termenung pun tak dapat idea so.. I changed the header! *nada excited sambil terjerit kecil*

andddd just so you know. I planned for this entry to be posted yesterday but my laptop decides to sleep suddenly (terpadam tanpa sebab yang kukuh such a tutttt this laptop I tell you) and I am too malas to restart it. mhmm yeah.

anyhoots, Happy Ramadhan Kareem to those who maybe come across this entry. Pray and do good deeds as much as you can. We never know if we still going to have the chance to meet this month next year. May Allah bless us all and answers all of our prayers. Ameen!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

setiap kali


Setiap kali aku mintak petunjuk. Mesti KAU akan bagi dalam cara yang paling aku tak boleh nak sangka sekali. Terima kasih Ya Allah sebab tak biarkan aku sendirian berfikir. Terima kasih untuk setiap satu petunjuk yang KAU datangkan dalam pelbagai bentuk.

Such a blessing to be a Muslim. We always have a place to come home to. Syukur Ya Rabb.

Friday, June 13, 2014

15 days to Ramadhan


If anyone would want to know or wondering. No, I am not a good girl. I have a filthy heart.
But Allah knows how much effort I've been putting to clean it. Old habits die hard. we can change in the blink of eye but to keep istiqamah is another story. another chapter. perhaps another book. that is yet to be written.

this is the night of the new chapter. I dont know if I did good or bad for the last chapter that has just been closed.

I am only human. I made a lot of mistakes. Sometimes I learned from it, but most of the time I dont. Please forgive me if I have ever hurt you in any way.

May Allah leads us to the better. Towards HIM. May Allah bestowed HIS blessing upon us. May we get the chance to taste the sweetness of Ramadhan Kareem. InshaAllah

p/s: I realize I am so emotional and sensitive towards things nowadays. When I think about it, sheee I get scared sometimes.

Monday, June 9, 2014



Stress is really a small word to be compare to what I am feeling right now. What do we call the stage after stress? is it stghesssnakmampusshabakhangg? no? nevermind, lets just use the word.

So whats up? heard and witness a few of my fellow friends starting over. beginning their new phase of life. writing on the new clean sheet of white pages. Good for them. :)

As for me, I am still trying so hard to juggle works and ideas so that it will come to me when I needed it (read: now) but you know how hard brain could be sometimes. They just dont listen.

I tried to quit coffee too. Yah I know, one of the greatest pleasure in the world. Coffee is good but apparently nescafe are not. and the easiest coffee to buy every morning is of course canned Nescafe.

And I ended up spending the rest of the day browsing through the net and trying so hard not to think about coffee. thats it. coffee is haunted. seriously guys. anyone with me? yes?