Monday, December 30, 2013



less than a 48 hours, 2013 will be history. And welcome the bright 2014. Well, thats what I always feel about new things. reflecting the year, I am not sure if I have done anything different than the year before. oh yes I did. I graduated my studies, got myself a place to work, hand over some money to the parents for the past few months. trying to be as mature as I can be throughout the day (but sometimes I stumble down and not giving a flying shit I acted like kids again. lol)

Other than that, things are quite the same. there were happy times as much as sad one. each one of it happens for a reason. eventhough I still could not see some of the reasons now. I have faith in Allah swt. HE knows whats best for each of us. Insha-Allah.

2014 means I will be 25. and the hardest questions to answer would be "DO YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND?" well, I don't. if everybody stop asking it would definitely be nice. ( IF YOU STILL GOING TO ASK WHAT ABOUT YOU GO AND TRY TO GET ME SOME BOYFRIEND!) amboi marah. haha

I will have one when the time comes. (I guess)

instead of worrying about getting a boyfriend, settle down and getting married. I am more worried about death. I am being serious. *insert awkward laugh here*

So anyway have a happy happy happy new year 2014 everyone. not sure if anyone really reads this blog other than myself. lol. Let us all be happy. and sad.and mad.let us all be human.

May this new year brings us closer to ALLAH swt. Lets take a second and count all the blessings bestowed upon us. Syukur Ya Allah. Alhamdulillah.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Nurul Izzah


No, this is not a scene from 'Ombak Rindu'. this is a post specially dedicated to one of my favorite people in the world, Nurul Izzah Aziz

She is a beautiful girl with chubby cheeks (she is super skinny but her cheeks are not. lulz)
I don't remember why we get so closed to each other but I do remember that she is a kakak that I love so much. She never talks bad about others. She sings her lungs out when I took her out on my bike. (lagu bila cinta aina ingat lagi kak ijah!haha)
we always go karaoke together and when she got mad she will talk as fast as she could in Terengganu dialects which is so hilarious.
I remember this one time when I fell sick, she came to my room with chicken soup. I will never ever forget that. never.

I miss you kak izzah. eventhough we did not talk to each other as much as we did back then, I never forget you. and I really really miss you.

I wish you a very happy happy birthday! May Allah bless you with all the kindness in the world. May your pure soul stays that way until the end of time. Thank you for accepting me as your friend.  I love you kak Izzah!

Happy Birthday! lots of love,

Aaina Hasan

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I miss...


I am trying to have my words nicely written for the article but my head just refused to do so and guess what. instead of functioning properly, they decided to give me a headache! -__-

so I thought okay maybe we rest a little bit. lets go look at beautiful ladies. (tengok lelaki berdosa ). and there I am surfing the net watching those girls wearing loose skirts, loose blouse perfectly matched with shawls. God knows how much I want to dress-up like that too.

bit it wont be convenient for me as I rode my bike to work everyday. karang masuk tayar je baju tu padan muka aku sendiri.

InshaAllah I will as soon as I have my own car.

and yeah, I miss being a kid. i miss acting like one. and I really really miss my fellow friends (but did not take any actions to call/text/ go out with them)

how strange the 'miss' is. (NO, NOT I AM NOT EVEN CLOSE TO STRANGE.)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

its not a big deal. really.


I bought my brother a birthday gift today. because it is his birthday. my younger sister thought that I should just wait for my next pay to buy him the birthday gift. at first I thought so too. I waited for him to show something that someone might have bought him for his birthday. but none. I went to the shop and buy him something. not really expensive but it is going to cost me some cut-off lunch or dinner or credit top-up for the whole week.

my point here is, its not about how expensive the gift should be. its the effort. I think it would be sad if we dont receive any gifts on birthday. It is once in a year occasion. not that we can be sure that we would make it to our next birthday. right?

And he kept thanking me over and over and over again. saying 'I didn't even bought you anything for your birthday'.

the look on his face was priceless. The joy that he showed me when I hand over that box to him lighten my day. I have made him happy on his day. just like people make me happy on mine.

Happy 29th birthday one and only brother.

( I think Kak An got her point today. She said I am getting matured after my 24th birthday. And do you know that I am the only person she lets to read her blog? terharu kan! Love you lah momma bear!)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

dua puluh empat


sorry if I annoy you guys. But I just want to remember this day. (Incase I forgot how lucky I am) Alhamdulillah. twenty four. Syukur ya Allah.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013



this is basically what kak Farra's photobooth looks like. Idk why my photography skills got so rusty. damn.
but I decorate the photobooth. I took all the pre-wed photos displayed there and I did the guestbook, the frame and the names and the red love notes too. wah, so full of herself huh this girl (please excuse me, I am talking to myself)

sigh. God knows how busy I am these past few days. And I am in the stage of stress that I can easily shoot people in the head if I have a gun.