Wednesday, October 16, 2013


save my soul tonight.

never take anybody for granted. because we never know. maybe that second would be the last chance for us to see them happy. maybe we would be the last sad thing that ever happen to them. maybe when we realize what's really worth  for us. they'll be gone. maybe they would never come back even if we cried our eyes out. maybe HE'll take them from us. sooner.or later. or now. . or maybe we would be the one who'll never come back..and if I could trade all of the thing I have right now. I would., for you

I never thought I'd be this sad when your gone. I have always been the strong one. I never said 'Im sorry' even when what I did was wrong. And you'll be the one who say those words all along.

You're pretty when you smile. that piece of cloth on top of your head. I always hated it before. But I like it now. You're pretty inside-out.

You cried. I never felt guilty before. why do I feel it now. You look pale. I have never seen you this sad before. not even when I hit you. not even when your lips were bleeding.


why do you still love me when what I ever did was hurting you. why? why am I so blind to see al of this.

I wanted to hold you back. please don't lose faith on me.

I never thought I would be this lost without you. But you are far from my reach.

If I could trade all of the thing I have now. I would, for you. But I don't even own my soul anymore.

" Be safe. I know this might be

too late. but I love you" I whisper it to your ear, eventhough I know you would never hear me.

" I love you so much. Please come back. Please. Please. I'd do anything for you. Please." I heard you say. You cried again. You were holding my hand.

"time of death :10 44pm. I am very sorry for your loss Miss."

I guess this is good-bye.

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tulis dah lama tapi entah kenapa tak ada hati nak publish. rekaan minda semata.

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