Friday, August 16, 2013

puyu green tea with rainbow jelly


urgh. this is so annoying. Have you people ever come across a situation where when you are not on blogger, you have thousands and trillions of idea on what to tells ( Especially when I am pooping) and suddenly when you finally puts your hands on your keyboard and everything pufffffffff. gone. yes (My 1st world problem)

*inhales deep big breath* anyhow, sent Nadia back to UPM just now and I'm quite happy to have her as my guest in my home. and now Dekya is babling about her friends that are coming over tomorrow which I only responded with a "hmm hmmmm hmm" Hoi, can't u see Im busy typing here?

Went for a lunch with Cikkay just now and happy tummy is happy (orang belanja of course happy youuu)
but I tapau what I ate because Idk my tummy is so poyo that it won't take much food anymore which I think is a good thing because I am trying so hard to maintain and if possible cut even more kilo(s) that I have now.

Spent some quality time (well, 2 hours of lunch break on Friday obviously couldn't cover of too much stories that we both kept to gossips later) and If Tekwa was around it would be even much more fun. but he had something up with her gf so okay maybe next time.

And now I am waiting for the horror movie to buffer and thats the only reason I am on blogger now.

My blog is so dull makes me want to put some pictures but as usual I am so lazy. lantaklah bukan ada orang baca sangat. lulz. bye

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