Saturday, September 29, 2012


berpura-pura itu.

benda yang paling bukan senang.


aku boleh buat.



kau faham kan?


tak apa.

aku dah biasa.

Friday, September 28, 2012

blue's clues

okay bloggerdah tukar baru hjagsigajataiagakpuharqnayajjaote6wh. *tarik nafas*

Its Friday and I can't wait for the day to be over. (over bermaksud balik kerja jam 6 nanti. cepat sikit woii)
I don't know about the others but somehow, my day in ze offize iz quite bohraing. boring tahap melampau sampai eja pun kena macamtu bagi menggambarkan perasaangku. It wouldn't be like this if I have stories to write. I feel useless at times, because I don't even know da hell should I write. I tried to translate some articles to Malay which got edited almost 70%. Ya, itu menggambarkan betapa celakanya aku dalam bidang penulisan Bahasa Ibunda. I don't blame myself because I've used to write berita instead of penulisan kreatif. and somehow my stories sounded like A.samad said. woi aku guna bahasa baku tahu? jadah bila baca balik rasa bangang. and yeah, baru baik demam 4 hari demam balik sakit kepala  batuk kofkofkoff sejuk kena hujan bila balik kerja gtakktuyatrasjakaa0wt. k dah malas tulis. good day people!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


okay. its 18th of september and Mastika dateline is on the 20th. yeah, kill me :/

this afternoon after the Asar prayer I am going to Masjdi Negara to meet ustaz Mustafa. Thanks a gazzilion to Cil Al who helped me.

a-huh, i haven't start a single shit for my fyp yet. yeah, kill me twice :/

matilahhhhhhhh :/

:/ <-- apa maksud smiley ni sebenarnya? mulut senget ?

tajuk haruslah tiada kena mengena dengan entri.

Friday, September 7, 2012

friday the 7th

gosh, working life are not as simple as i thought it would ever be. I've been placed under 'Mastika' magazine, and they made me translate a letter from a frequent reader. gosh, I really-really-really don't know how to use all those flowery words! well, we used to write news in our class, and Mastika is definitely different than that. It does make me look like a moron :/

Today is friday, the 4th day I've been working, I know some of the reporters and the graphic staff. they're kinda nice. I got one number from abang Ambo. He asked me to call that person and asked whats his story. but I am kinda freaking out here. Sounds so stupid, but all those butterflies keeps flying in my stomach :/ stupid me.

annnnd tonight I am going to clean my own room. throw outside all those people's stuff in it. semak kot. gua seminggu dah masuk tak berbilik ni. duit tak ada, my life is no fun at all :/ 

till then, bye.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

mandarin musk

hello there. September is finally here. tomorrow would be the 1st day of my internship. my fyp too. wish me luck. I need that. gonna miss my dearie cat for sure.