Sunday, June 5, 2016

Pre-ramadhan post.


Ive been planning to write about many things. But I got lazy, I have no idea how to start, the internet connection sucks and blablablabla. 

Let me just sums up everything. Just for me to remember. 

I had a major operation ; removing ovarian cyst on last 28th April. That was the first time ever I've been warded in the hospital. Went through confinement like a boss. (Air halia+kunyit, pati ikan haruan +gamat and lots of slow walking in kain batik with my hair tied up,sexy I know)
Lost few kilos, stay at home for 21days seronok gilasss nyah! And back to mountains of workloads *cries*

Bought same colour but different pattern baju kurungs for everybody. Tetiba makma punya warna kelabu demmit instagram photo! So jalan penyelesaian, babah will wear gray baju Melayu with blue samping. Mama will wear gray baju kurung with blue tudung. And the three of us will wear blue baju kurung with gray scarf. Fuh settle. 

I swear I have so many things to tell just now sekarang tiba2 hilang. Yissss. 

Anyway, selamat berpuasa. Selamat menahan nafsu. Selamat mengumpul pahala. Semoga berat badan berkurang, dosa pun berganda2 berkurang. Insha-Allah.