Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hi home!


  There you go. A picture of my feet flying in the air as I practice kung fu over the weekend. Ok tipu. Thats when i played swings at opah chu's. 

We went back to perak yesterday to clean up the house. I dont have any picture of that sebab bila no coverage you kinda forget that you have an iPhone.   Magic. Right? 

And we just arrived home kejap tadi and i am so tirereredddd. Tomorrow will be busy. The day after that will be busy. Until Im done with the dateline. 

I had something in mind but I am so lazy to tell. Alright now, bye. ZzzzZzzZz

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pemalas nak mampus


Yeap. The title must have explained what state Im in right now. Idk why i am feeling so shitty these past few days (no, I am not waiting for my red aunty). 

I wanted to write but I am too lazy to switch on my laptop and shit I dont even have the mood when I am in the office.

I downloaded the apps for blogging in my phone and dekya was like 'woaahh canggihnya hapdate blog guna phone'

Shut up dekya. I might kill you. 

See? I so crazy right mow. Might as well slap my own face. Gednite!