Friday, August 23, 2013

#throwback 1- babysisters


jangan cerita banyak bosan sangat jadi mari buat 1st punya throwback. For those who maybe first time encounters this blog, well hello, I am Aina and I am the second awesome child in the family. and I have two younger sisters age 17 and 18.

The age gap between me and those two brats is kinda far. 6 years with alang and 7 with Ya, so basically we are not on the same boat. diorang tecik lagi kakak dah nak period dah masa tu. tapi kan, tapi kan, sebab diorang lah kakak jadi kurang matang . serius. ada tak korang umur 14 main masak-masak lagi? ada? ada? nayyy I dont believe you, that age selalunya semua dah sibuk bercinta. but not for me. I am still a kid.

Being an older sister, my mom always buat kerahan tenaga enko-pegi-tengok-adik-main-main-kalau-tak-jangan-keluar. K. so very not fair but I am so glad I did watch them growing up. kalau tidak entah bangsa mana diorang ikut eja "kamooo, buad, penad, saiaaa" omg I cannot live with that.

And because I am with them most of the time, I got to be the superhero they need. I've tell you guys in my earlier post that when I was young, my family had some hard time with money. and ya, but here's a story anyway. (nama lagi throwback kan?)

there was this one time, (hari raya) well, you guys know how kids love 'bunga api' and so does both of my sisters. during that time, my dad could not even afford to buy us food and its obvious that we don't have money to spend to buy bunga api. I was watching over my sisters one night in our hometown. the Eid eve, and all of our little cousins are occupied with tons of bunga api. seeing my sisters have none, they dengan muka memang tak ikhlas weh aku kalau ingat-ingat benda ni berapii jeee they gave them some (maybe two or three only) and because they dont have much, both of my little girls hesitate each time they wanted to play theirs. sebab kalau habis nanti tengok je orang main.I was so helpless. I felt like crying. poor my baby.

the next year, I secretly keep some money whenever I got duit belanja for school (kadang-kadang takda duit, so tak ada duit belanja). and night before we are going back to the hometown. I bought a box of bunga api. for my babies.

 that night, I was smiling proudly as they ran around our grandma's house, playing cheerfully with their own bunga-api. that was the night I tell myself, I would do anything for my sisters.

and now, both of them are old enough to be my friends. one is studying in Matriculation college in Pahang. the other one is going to sit for SPM this year. bless them ya Rabb. bless them forever.

 forever my babies :)

pandang belakang.


Since I havent started working yet, I think I would love to write about things that happened before in my life. happy/sad/silly/ or whatever that cross my mind. yeah. so, it will be a series of #throwback (kite manada account instagram kan, so dalam blog pun jadilah.)  yahh tadi macam banyak je nak tulis sekarang dah lupa. hahahayhfdsjhuysjiafghjklartywui betul. baiklah. just wait for my #throwback entry(ies) salam maghrib.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

nose bleed


Nose is still bleeding today. and I must say that it is the worst blood I see coming from my nose so far. My head felt little bit dizzy. maybe because from the heat inside my body.

hati tak berapa tenang kebelakangan ni. mintak dipermudahkan jalan oleh-Nya.

Friday, August 16, 2013

puyu green tea with rainbow jelly


urgh. this is so annoying. Have you people ever come across a situation where when you are not on blogger, you have thousands and trillions of idea on what to tells ( Especially when I am pooping) and suddenly when you finally puts your hands on your keyboard and everything pufffffffff. gone. yes (My 1st world problem)

*inhales deep big breath* anyhow, sent Nadia back to UPM just now and I'm quite happy to have her as my guest in my home. and now Dekya is babling about her friends that are coming over tomorrow which I only responded with a "hmm hmmmm hmm" Hoi, can't u see Im busy typing here?

Went for a lunch with Cikkay just now and happy tummy is happy (orang belanja of course happy youuu)
but I tapau what I ate because Idk my tummy is so poyo that it won't take much food anymore which I think is a good thing because I am trying so hard to maintain and if possible cut even more kilo(s) that I have now.

Spent some quality time (well, 2 hours of lunch break on Friday obviously couldn't cover of too much stories that we both kept to gossips later) and If Tekwa was around it would be even much more fun. but he had something up with her gf so okay maybe next time.

And now I am waiting for the horror movie to buffer and thats the only reason I am on blogger now.

My blog is so dull makes me want to put some pictures but as usual I am so lazy. lantaklah bukan ada orang baca sangat. lulz. bye

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Eid yows!


Selamat Hari Raya yang ke-6. well, its not really late right. Alhamdullilah still be given a chance to celebrate this raya with my loved ones. Went back no Negeri Sembilan for Raya celebration. did not get so much 'duit raya' and I felt so guilty still receiving duit raya from aunties and cousins.( jobless person 1st world problem)
I only manage to celebrate the 1st and 2nd raya. fell sick on the third raya together with my youngest sister. jadi dikala orang lain pergi beraya, kami berdua tampal 'cool fever' di dahi dan membuta hingga ke petang hari. and now both of us sounded just like Ella. husky sexy voice aummm. k perasan lebih je tu. and bythewayowwww, my baju raya is black colour same as mama bear (Please note that this is somehow an attempt to be your daughter in-law if the baby is a boy. wkwkwkw) and yeah, Nadia Badrulhisham is staying over at my house for the next few days because she have interviews in Key Hell. can't wait to see her. I kinda miss Cik Kay and Cina. bila nak hang out ni?