Wednesday, April 30, 2014

and so today..


Lima hari cuti. you know. lima. five. five is fun. Anyhoots, took Nenek, Mak, my mom and little sis out today. I dont want to talk about that rude man I met at JPN. That is definitely not the highlight of my day. But on the bright side I have made my mom, Mak and nenek happy! went shopping right afterwards (my wallet is crying now. T.T) bought lunch for all of them. Oh yes, finally I have time to send Izz her parcel. I hope she likes it! (as if she cares) Izz is a baby anyway. She wouldnt even care if you put her on pink shirts and yellow striking pants. all she ever want is milk. you know how they works. babies. babies are gangster like that.

Izz is a fat plum chubby cutie pie gangster. The name makes me shiver. So gangster la you Izz! give aunty a fistbumps! 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

borak kosong


Theres this one guy who I have known only in virtual space. He's married so stop whatever assumptions you have in your mind right now. thing is, I can relate to his song choices. Eventhough I have never listened to them before in my life. So, like a freaking stalker, I will scroll down his facebook wall to see if there is any 'new' songs that he shares. crazy.

Going to send babysis back to her plkn camp in a bit. And my life would be boring again. Busy week aheads.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


I don't like being alone but I have gotten used to it.