Saturday, June 23, 2012

macam macam

Have loads of things in mind to buy when I got my gaji. almost forget that I got loads of debt to pay too. *sigh*
gaji tak sampai seribu pun. Far away from 1000 actually, dan ada hati nak beli barang sampai beribu? get a life Aina.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

to be or not to be

Assalamualaikum wbt. yes, the exam week is coming and yes, I have been so lazy, and yes. tomorrow I'm going out. why? because I want to.

well, there is something bothering my mind right now. I know someone who's kinda my generation. umur muda lagi, married, and have children. means, more than one child. and right now, this person is behaving like someone who just gotten her period.


I think she misses her teenage life so much. being married at young age is not a crime. I mean, it is wayyy much better than committing zina. but then, you have to be really-really really sure about your decision. you know, marriage is not about that one day when you dress-up beautifully. It is NOT about taking pictures, It is not about a grand events where you invite everyone.

It starts after that. the journey of a married couple. ini bukan lagi zaman nenek kita yang mana kahwin umur 14,15 itu perkara biasa. bukan. Im not against people who decided to get married early. tak tentang pun kahwin awal tu. tapi, sebelum kahwin tu, hendaknya, biarlah ada ilmu. biarlah bersedia mental & fizikal. kalau setakat nak seronok 2, 3 tahun. tak payah.

I pity the children. seriously, nak jadi mak/ayah macam mana kalau perangai sendiri sebaya dengan anak-anak? I seriously pity those beautiful kids that person have. haishh.

hari isnin paper etika. straight sampai hari sabtu examnya. then hari ahad masuk kerja. awesome? I know.

Friday, June 1, 2012


last Wednesday, one of my friend from work, Isma Zaini or as we all call him, Mat, had passed away. Drowned.
just now when I had my Subuh prayer, I felt so blessed. Allah swt still gives me a chance to perform my solah, to breath the air im breathing, to apology, to eat, to see faces of my loved one, to do all the things that I am doing now. I am grateful for that. Alhamdulillah.

second from right. Isma Zaini / mat

As what your mom had told me the day I went to your house, You're such a great son, She loves you and definitely going to miss you. Rest in peace friend. May Allah bless you always. Al-Fatihah.