Tuesday, April 12, 2016

25th March 2016


It was a sunny Friday morning. I woke up for my Subuh prayer, get ready to go to work, only to realize, I left my bag (purse,money, house keys, and handphones are in it) at house. It was a tough decision whether or not I should go back and take them. Office to my house would take around 20 mins, I rode my motorcycle and it was getting pretty hot at that time. But I need money to eat, and to isi minyak. So with so much frustation, I head back home.

I dont feel good that day. Like something is terribly wrong. But I just keep it to myself and recite some prayer. I arrived at home, took my bag and leave to work again. I was really tired at that time. Once I entered my office, I sat down and switch on my computer. My phone rang, It was Cikha (my aunt), I pick up the call and she told me..

"Aina, Hafiz dah tak ada. Baru meninggal kejap tadi"

After Friday prayer, off we went to Kuala Selangor, to Hafiz's final resting. I wasn't that sad at the time. The night before, I went to HKL to see him. He was in comma, so we kinda know this thing would happen now or later. So I think I am strong. NOT

We arrived at surau IPD Kuala Selangor, there was Mak Lang (Hafiz's Mom). I saw her and I burst into tears.

We don't want him dead, but we don't want to see him suffer as well. seeing him with all sorts of tubes and medication stuck on his body, is not what anyone would want to see, really.

He is now in better place. He doesn't feel anymore pain. I will remember only the good in you Hafiz. I hope you rest in peace. I hope Allah swt grant mercy on your soul. Insha Allah

Hafiz, 20 March 1992-25 March 2016. Selamat berehat, Hafiz.