Monday, September 2, 2013

#throwback 2- betul ke kebetulan?

I have been friend with cikkay (bukan nama sebenar) since our diploma times. one thing that I really like about us is we don't mind wearing the same piece of cloth or specs or bags or whatever it is. I don't mind. really.

and most of the times, people thought we have somehow promised to wear the same baju kurung/ colour to classes when we don't. banyak kali jugak lah kan TERpakai baju sama warna/baju yang memang beli sama-sama sampai orang kata

"eh, samalah baju aina dengan cikkay. janji ehhh"

when what actually happen was

*me gets down to her room and found her wearing the same colour as I do*

"woi apehall engkoo pakai warna ni apahallll"
"woi tiruu-tiruuuu"
"ihiks, samelah baju itew"
"waaaaaaaaaa, magicnyaaa pakai baju sama-samaa" *kelip2 mata*
"sehati dan seeejiwaaaaa" *nyanyi*
"engko sibuk kan, aku pakai baju ni engko pakai yang ni!"

(the reaction differs according to our moods at that particular time)

 lepastu gelak sama-sama/ insult satu sama lain sampai letih. leulz

I guess we have some sort of telepathy connection or something.

 O Allah,
let us be friends.forever. Amin


I know that sometimes I just forget how fortunate I am to be blessed by family and friends that stay. I know that I seldom tells them how important they are in my life. You see, I don't have many friends. It is still countable. so yeah beautiful people. thank you so much for sparing some space for me inside your life. yours truly, me. 


Azham Vsvc said...

Insyaallah...I hope your friendship remains forever ever :)

AAINA said...

amin! thank you for the du'a :)