Thursday, June 6, 2013

3 legitimate fears and how they came about


1. Lightnings

Well. I don't really remember when I started to fear the lightnings. but lets just put it this way. If I were left alone and there were lightnings, my blood will turn into blue colour. lololols. like what happen 2 days ago, I was home alone (with my cat, but cat doesn't really count does it?). And there goes lightning everywhere. that was crazy man. really! -___-'

2. Getting Attached to someone/something.

Yes. because sadly in the end, when I have put 300% of my trust to them. they leave. or changed. or both. and it sucks because I have to act like I don't care when I actually fcuking do. So yeah.

3. Goodbyes.

I was never good with goodbyes. and I will never be. I'd rather just go away than saying those words.

wow. that was quick

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