Sunday, May 27, 2012

L is for..

life. from my perspective, it has always been unfair to me. there is always something that I don't want to lose, yet they're leaving me so far behind and things that I wish could disappear, but refuse to let me go. And despite all of that. here I am. trying my very best to live my life.

these two amazing people are like my backbone. my spine. the vein that keeps the blood flows to my heart. 

I was a little kid then but I am a big girl now. I understand even if you don't tell. I do. might sound cheezy, but I won't be able to survive, a minute without both of you.

Friday, May 11, 2012

what's up?

The problem when I am sitting all alone. my mind would flash back all the memories. doesnt matter if its good or not. I would laugh. alone. and if it wasnt a good one, I would shut my eyes closed, and think of other memory. And most of the time when things turned out wrong, I'd start blaming people, when I know the reality is it was all my fault, but it is so much easier to blame other people than to admit that you are wrong. it is for me. Everything and everyone is changing. I'm not sure if its for the better, but they changed.  I kept dreaming of people from my past. does this mean I miss them?

you could make new friends in a blink of eye, but to have one that you could call your soul friend (well, it sounds much cooler) will take you more than that. and yeah, friend needs some space too. well, everyone need times of their own. 
I think I have fewer friends right now. less than 50 maybe? 

this was from 2009.

red vs white. so called angel vs demon

knows a lot, but still stays by your side. well, not really stay as in stay. if u know what I mean. but you know, you would always have someone to come home to. 

p/s: yes, this is my new blog. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

susah jugak rupanya.

Semalam ahli persatuan bilik 526 telah bersepakat untuk mengadakan kempen "Hari tanpa carutan" bermula 10am-10pm. amboi, dah macam kerja the store pulak masanya tu kan? dan aku secara berlagak separa-sedar. bersetuju tanpa memikirkan kesan jangka panjang. Bukanlah kata aku ini seorang pencarut tegar. tetapi kalau sekadar mengkhinzirkan apa yang patut itu, bagiku perkara biasa. dan barangsiapa yang mencarut samaada sengaja atau tidak. kena ketuk ketampi sepuluh kali bagi setiap carutan.

"semua tak boleh, gila ke, bodoh, bangang, bengong, bodeng, dan apa saja yang membawa maksud nak mencarut. tak boleh! " kat faez, salah seorang ahli persatuan.

"eh kejak, kalau tahi. haaa, tahi tu bukan mencarut" kata aku. sebab aku memang sungguh suka tahi. eh, I mean, suka memarahi orang dengan memasukkan sekali perkataan tahi.

"ahhh takde, tahi pun tak boleh!" ketiga-tiga ahli persatuan bersetuju.

"okay fine, ingat gua cuak sangat ke? elehhh"

dan aku mengakhiri hari semalam dengan melakukan ketuk ketampi 20 kali. makna kata, aku terlepas dua kali perkataan carutan. tanpa sengaja. yang aku tak bagitahu sesiapa. banyak kali senornya aku tercakap perkataan yang tak boleh. but they're to busy to actually noticed. fuhh selamat.