Friday, March 1, 2013

of books

right now I am eating big apple donuts on my bed and I thought about me promising myself that I would go on diet. screw that I am still going to finish these donuts.

went to aftrermath sale at big bad wolf and bought 4 novels for me and 6 for dekya. nevermind, she's just so excited to have her own books. later that day went to upm and meet David over there. dekya is going head over heels when she saw David. Ya lah, that man badan ketak-ketak already. with that macho face. no wonder dekya became so shy when we were there. haha  and yeah , I bought 3 Malay novel from lejen press too. oh David made me come to UPM and force me to buy him ABC on the way there. boleh macam tu?

anyhow, seeing those books I am indeed pleased. tapi entah bila baru boleh habis baca. be patient books. Im busy right now. we'll be together soon. very soon.

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