Saturday, March 16, 2013


I don't know if I have hurt anyone with my attitude lately. but I am indeed being hurt by them. I really wish I could describe my feeling. HE knows how lonely and unwanted I felt, so HE gave me my friends, to keep my company. remembering all the things brought me to tears. I blame you hormone! babah call me last night saying that he wanted to buy us a pair of kurung from vietnam. that makes me feel so much better. having him calling,I know that there is still someone who care. I laugh out loud in front of my friends, i shed away all the tears. I went for a walk at the park, window shopping with the girls at the mall so that all these feelings would eventually go away. I know I wont be mad for long. I am always like that. but I am sure I will remember this for the rest of my life. For the very first time. I am deeply cut and hurt. by my own flesh and blood. sentap lelebih. abah lebihkan kau. kau bukan peduli. sukehati kaulah. whenever I think of it. I still cry.

if only they sell meds that can make you erase certain memories.


Anonymous said...

sometimes we want to show to other people that we're strong. well, He gives you this unwanted feelings, He must have reasons for it, and He must have a cure for you.

AAINA said...

thank you for the words betz. I am healing now. :)