Friday, February 12, 2016



I don't plan on writing about this .. But, just in case things doesn't work out like what all of us wanted it to be, here's something nice that I would like to remember and never to forget.

It was Sunday afternoon, when my sisters and I decided to go and visit our cousin, Hafiz, who is diagnosed with prostate cancer stage four.

It has been so long since we ever talked to each other. tak adalah rapat mana dengan dia. But that day, we talked a lot. I joked around about many things. such as, I would come again with bucket of veggies because he need to watch his diet and no more fast food or unhealthy food.

he said "Akak makin cantik la sekarang, bila nak kahwin" he kept on saying the same thing over and over again. when it was time for me to leave. I told him I would come and visit him again. I asked him to be strong so that he can be my 'pengapit' when I get married.

On Tuesday, we received a call saying that he was seriously ill. I came. And there he was. Laying in his bed unable to say anything. He mustve so many things to say but he just couldnt.

I again told him to stay strong. I wanted him to be there on my wedding.

and now. He is still fighting the cancer cell. I only hope for the best. If its time for him to go, please make it easy for him O Allah. If he could stay, let him have all the strength in the world to fight his illness.

btw, Its Can-Cer. Can Survive. Jia You Hafiz!

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