Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Worth writing


I am now incharge for the new unit. Novel unit to be exact. So, today. I met one of the writers that I am working with. We've been contacting each other through sms(s) and call(s) (he did not have whatsapp so I dont really know how he looks like) but I have never really meet him in person. So today is the day. 

He is. Handsome. Not that-adam-levine-handsome but he is somehow goodlooking. His clothes are neat and tidy. Not to mention, he is very polite. The type of man that any girl would fall in love with. 

Because he came all the way from Penang to Kuala Lumpur to sign some shitty form, I think it is not appropriate to just send him home in empty-stomach. So we went out for coffee. Something interesting happened there. 

He told me about his fiancee (my heart broke into pieces. Come on man, you could've been mine hahahaha I kid I kid) He told me that they've been together since both of them were 13. And the interesting part for me was when he started describing his fiancee

'Dia bukan jenis moden pakai jeans pakai  selendang macam Aina. Dia gadis kampung yang betul-betul kampung. Dia pakai tudung selempang tepi, dan selalu pakai satu kerongsang bunga.'  

'Dia pun tak suka minum coffee macam ni Aina, kalau keluaq makan pun dia suka pi tempat yang boleh makan sampai kenyang. Macam nasi kandaq'

I mean come on, comel gila kot! Dia sedar tunang dia suka pakai apa dan all the small things. Ish

He laughed and then he continued saying this 

'Comel betul dia tu. Kecil molek je orangnya. Soulmate saya' 


Ada lagi rupanya lelaki macam ni. God! 
He is very polite. We chatted around and then I send him to the station. 

Wow. I must say, I am really impressed by his well-being, by his manners and of course by his love that he have for his late-dad, late-brother ,his family and his fiancee. 

He is something that we could not really find nowadays. The perfect end for my 2015. 

I think. He is something that worth writing for. 

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