Thursday, May 8, 2014



My most favourite quote so far. I need to find this lady's book. I really really reaaaallly want it. But for now, lets just settle down with 6 novels that I just bought. Not to mention other books on the shelf that look at me and scream 'REAADDDD MEE' everytime I entered my room. Just to make me feel bad ey? Nice try books. Nice try. Its hard to juggle with books and assignments when you're working as a writer you know. (alasan)  If only I have one whole year to just sit back, relax and read those novels. (alasan lagi) wuuu syoknya hidup reti bagi alasan je. hmmph!

Read horror stories before bedtime yesterday and I had a series of nighmare about ghost. Writers are fulls of imaginations. and craps. I end up waking up feeling so very tired. cehh.  

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