Monday, May 19, 2014

bebelan panjang sebelum dateline.


I hate to think that I've been used by the people who I thought were my friends. I always console myself and tell my heart. No. They are not using you. You cared. You want to help. So stop whining. Stop being a bitch. But I cant help myself to notice how stupid I am to be used each and everytime they had problem. And nobody really cares when I was the one who is in need of help. (except of some. very very few)

And yes. how things have changed towards time. Who would have known that you'll eventually talk to someone you once hate. and vice versa. but now things are more clear than it used to be. I know where I stand. and God I wouldnt want to hold any grudges towards anyone anymore.

I saw a men trying so hard to prove to all that he had moved on. but the look at his face denies everything. No. You dont look happy. You dont seem happy. You are lying to yourself. I know. but you knew better.

Its crazy all the things we did just to convince other people how happy we were. If its true then no one need any explanation. Who are you trying to impress?

Anyhoots, Allah knows better. HE knew whats best for each one of us. and everything that happen must have a reason behind it. I wish the very best to you. I really do.

Last but not least. Helluuwww dateline. crazayhhh week I tell you. *nangis depan pc*

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