Friday, December 28, 2012


This is the last Friday on 2012. So I have approximately 3 weeks before I end this internship. lets just talk about what UKSB has taught me.

 I know places to eat here. cheap and delicious slurps slurps. Not so many, but I know some place where good eadible food with affordable price.

I  have good relationship with some of my officemates whom many thinks she/he is not so baik. orang buat baik dengan kita, kita baik lah semula. kan? I just kind of ignored what other said and it turned out to be, they are nice. maybe not to them. but to me and cikkay. we're fine. We just go with the flow.

 I never thought I'd be this close or I'd fit in the office just fine. yeah, there are SOME of them who dislikes us. but who the fuck cares.

And I am leaving this place soon. very soon.

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