Wednesday, December 26, 2012

mat oh mat

I am still in the office. No, I am not staying back to do work. eventhough I have tons. I have tons of things I would like to share but the thoughts kinda stuck di tengah jalan. And here I am waiting for officemate to finish her prayer before we eat dinner andddd I just receive one shawl from kak mas. gahahahahaha happy kejap. k kejap je.

and btw matlutfi dah ada belog. hopefully dia akan update lapan hingga sepuluh entri sehari. chek him out  here   

tadi aku cek baru ada 2, 3 , ketoi entry, Funny though he writes in english and some in bahasa, I still read it according to his ascent. hahahah k lapaq gila dah bye.

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