Friday, March 14, 2014



I am suprised that Cikkay still actually remember about my other blog existence. Oh those time when I update about almost everything. looking back I feel like throwing bricks to my own face. hahaha but she said that it was all part of the life experience that (might) have taught us something. a-huh she surely got her point there. 

So whats new? Nothing much. Stop talking to few people in my life. Well, idk if it is 100% my fault or what. But I guess you have to stand for whats right. No matter how hard for others to brain it. Not regretting it. NO intention to find new enemy (ies) but I guess you can't expect everybody to like you. You don't even like everybody.

Other than that, I am content. Some happiness. Some stress. Some tears. Some Friends. Some come and some sadly go. Must be a solid reason behind everything. have faith in Allah swt because He surely knows whats best. Insha-Allah. 

Salam Jumaat. Keep on praying for MH370. May Allah ease everything.

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