Friday, May 11, 2012

what's up?

The problem when I am sitting all alone. my mind would flash back all the memories. doesnt matter if its good or not. I would laugh. alone. and if it wasnt a good one, I would shut my eyes closed, and think of other memory. And most of the time when things turned out wrong, I'd start blaming people, when I know the reality is it was all my fault, but it is so much easier to blame other people than to admit that you are wrong. it is for me. Everything and everyone is changing. I'm not sure if its for the better, but they changed.  I kept dreaming of people from my past. does this mean I miss them?

you could make new friends in a blink of eye, but to have one that you could call your soul friend (well, it sounds much cooler) will take you more than that. and yeah, friend needs some space too. well, everyone need times of their own. 
I think I have fewer friends right now. less than 50 maybe? 

this was from 2009.

red vs white. so called angel vs demon

knows a lot, but still stays by your side. well, not really stay as in stay. if u know what I mean. but you know, you would always have someone to come home to. 

p/s: yes, this is my new blog. 

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