Saturday, August 26, 2017

My wan


This day, a year ago, I know a guy from a media trip I attended. He was shy, and I was not. He was all cool and Im that clumsy loud girl (i think im so annoying) But we really clicked. He, me and my bestfriend. 

He wasnt part of my plan. After my heartbreak, all i wanted to do was, buy a house, enjoy my single life until my last breath. But he came. After a few month, he said he likes me. And I wasnt sure of what I felt at that time but I dont know, I just decided to give it a try. And he stays. Loving a unloveable girl was not easy. I always questioned everything he did. But he never once stepped back eventhough I was being so difiicult and I pushed him away for so so so many times. 

Today mark 1 year since we know each other. He have done so many things for me. I can say for sure now that I clearly fell in love with his kind heart, his selfless act, and many many more reasons that I could not express with words. 

Please Allah, let him be the 'wan' 

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