Friday, December 5, 2014



Listening to Coldplay while updating this blog. Its been a while I guess. I wanted to write but I dont have any idea on what I should be babbling about. Its December. My favourite month of the year. December brings so much butterflies to my stomach. Not that something special would happen but thats just how December feels to me.

theres a difference between a 'good friend' and a 'best friend' okay. ada beza! tetiba sangat kan. tapi lantak lah. lol

oh, its Irni final day here. She got new job somewhere else. she gave me something just now which brought tears to my eyes. she is a very lovely girl who constantly reminds me to be nice without being annoying. I am so thankful God sends me these kind of people in my life.

and yah, Ansari said she had a new blog but she wouldnt let me know the url to her blog. That women is getting married to Azrul this coming 12/12/14. Idk why she wouldnt just get married on my birthday. senang sikit nak ingat my birthday mehhhhh. she said she read this blog time to time. so, hello ansari! *waves hand*

last but not least, Happy sangat dua tiga hari ini. aku takut pulak bakal nangis terbelalak. wait, is there such word as terbelalak? lantak sana.

Happy Friday everyone.

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